Principal Message

vickie jessen

AUGUST 20, 2020
Dear Tolman Parents/Guardians, and Students,
As we edge closer to the first day of school, I would like to give you an update of the procedures presented in my letter sent on July23. With the new hybrid schedule, we have made some changes to the guidelines outlined in the prior letter. You will note that some of the information is in RED and that means that we have changed or modified that specific procedure to better meet the requirements coming from the Davis County Health Department.
By now, you have heard of the Big 5: Hygiene etiquette, Stay home when sick, Cloth face mask, Physical distancing, and Clean and disinfect. To facilitate the Big 5, a health aide, trained by the Davis County Health Department, will be hired at our school. Some of their duties will include monitoring students and adults with symptoms, liaison with the health department, disinfecting throughout the building, helping with physical distancing, and any other health related duties. Arrangements will be made for additional personnel during lunchtime and recess to better monitor safety procedures.
We have an added advantage at Tolman, inasmuch as our student population is low and we have a huge playground. We also have lots of doors to help us keep groups from clustering before and after school as well as during recess. We will take advantage of all of those things to provide a safe place for our students. Below are some of the procedures we are implementing to ensure the safety of all students and adults:
• Before school- students will line up at a specific door assigned to each grade. A map of designated grade level doors is attached. Only one grade will enter and exit through their grade level door. Teachers will monitor these areas before and after school.
• After school- All students will be asked to choose a meeting place to meet their friends, siblings or parents. We are encouraging students to not cluster around grade level doors but to choose a spot away from the exit doors. They could be by a specific tree, place on the sidewalk, corner of the building, etc. For the first two weeks of school, grades 4,5 and 6 will be dismissed at 5 minutes before the bell. They will go to their meeting place and wait for their younger siblings who will be dismissed at the regular time. Our goal is to practice in the first two weeks and hopefully students will get used to the meeting place idea and avoid congestion exiting the building. The first week is early out and dismissals will be 1:20 (grades 4,5,6) and 1:25 (grades K-3) and second week dismissal will be 3:20 (grades 4,5,6) and 3:25 (grades K-3).
• Volunteers/Visitors- All visitors must enter through the front door (as outlined by the Health Department) and wear a cloth mask. Our Covid Aide will take their temperature and ask them to fill out a short health survey before entering the school. Students should only enter through the front doors if they are accompanied by an adult or if they arrive after 8:50.
• Hygiene- procedures will be implemented for students to clean hands and work areas as they enter and exit classrooms, prep classes, recess and lunch. Students will be assigned their own computer and other school supplies such as pencils, pens, markers, scissors, crayons, etc. Please access teacher supply lists on our website for more information.
• Sanitation- Custodial Services will follow a rigorous sanitation regimen including the cleaning of multiple touchpoints throughout the school day.
• Recess- each grade level will have two recesses- one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Two grades will be outside at a time and each grade will be assigned a specific area to play in. On specific days and as needed, students will participate in supervised activities to ensure physical distancing. Masks will be worn at times when physical distancing cannot take place.
• Lunch- will be scheduled for 30 minutes per grade level to include serving, eating and recess time. Lunch tables have been marked with seating spots to allow for physical distancing. Additional time has been added between grade level serving time to give sufficient time for sanitization of all areas. Additional tables will be available on our stage to add to our seating areas if needed.
• Masks- 2 cloth masks and a lanyard with a mask clip will be provided for every student and employee. Students may wear their own cloth masks from home. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure students wear their mask to school daily and to wash their masks as needed.
• Prep classes and library - will be held in their normal places and students will wash hands or use sanitizer upon entering and exiting. Equipment and books will be sanitized and/or rotated after each class period.
• Assemblies, Performances, and Field Trips- These activities will be held virtually and/or involve only one class or grade. This will be revisited if Covid guidelines are modified or changed.
• Illness- students experiencing COVID 19 related symptoms will be escorted to a secure area where our health aide will check temperatures and contact parents.
Welcome Back Open House- is on Aug. 24th. Parents are invited to bring their students to the school for a short visit on the schedule below. Everyone entering the building must wear a mask. Please enter through grade level doors (refer to attached map), have a short visit, exit through those same doors you entered. If you have more than one child attending the school, continue to the next grade level entrance and follow the same procedures. Signs will be posted at the doors. Please refrain from going using the hallway to move from room to room. We have those areas sanitized and ready for the first day.
• Families with last names A through C - 2:00p.m. until 2:30p.m.
• Families with last names D through J – 2:30p.m. until -3:00p.m.
• Families with last names K through P – 3:00p.m. until 3:30p.m.
• Families with last names R through Z – 3:30p.m. until 4:00p.m.
First Day of School –
August 25, 8:45-1:25 for Group 2 (L-Z)
August 26, 8:45-1:25 for Group 1 (A-K)
Parents will not be invited into the school on the first day unless they enter through the front doors of the school and observe entry procedures (temperature, survey, mask and check in). Hopefully the Open House will have calmed some of the nerves for our students and helped them find their way. Encourage your children to go directly to their classroom entry (outside) door and meet their teacher and classmates. Their teacher will meet them at the door at 8:40. Sadly, we will not be able to recreate our tradition of meeting at the flagpole but within each classroom, we will join together with a welcome announcement and pledge first thing in the morning. We would ask that each morning students arrive at school no earlier than 8:35 and proceed to their lines an arm’s length apart, rather than congregate in groups, to help maintain social distancing.
Back to School Night - will be on August 26 and be conducted in a virtual format (zoom meeting). Teachers will have their class disclosure available at the Open House and on the
school website for your review prior to the meeting. Two meetings will be held (5:30p.m. and 6:00p.m.) Teachers will send out Zoom invitations. Meetings will begin with a short presentation by the teacher and then answer specific questions from parents.
What we need to remember is that so much changes from day to day and will continue to change up to the first day of school and beyond. We will all need to practice our patience, do the best we can, and help keep everyone at Tolman safe. I am so fortunate to have you on our Tolman team! We can do this!
Vickie Jessen, Principal
Tolman Elementary School